Adults Ministry

At CrossPointe Church we call our small groups Bible Study Groups. This is a place where we study God’s word, grow closer to Him and each other through our study times and fellowship times. The Bible Study Groups meet at 9 AM Sunday Mornings.
Our Bible Studies are designed to help people in groups connect God’s Word to their lives in an intentional way. We aim to:
  • Know God’s Word through trustworthy Bible study content
  • Create biblical community through engaging and conversational group studies
  • Engage culture missionally by unpacking what the Bible says about real-life issues
There several different adults groups to choose from.
AGES 30-45
Room: 501
Teacher: Jed Van Rider
Studying: The King James Bible, starting with the New Testament
Room: 502
Teacher: Doug Kuhrt
The Living Stones is a Sunday morning Bible study class that is primarily composed of middle-aged and older adults.They will then continue their study of sound doctrine and fundamental principles of the faith and how these apply to our everyday life as Christians.
Room: 504
Teacher: Anita Brauer
The Brauer Bible Study Group is a loving group of ladies of all ages. They take care of each other and are also passionate about helping outside their class. Ms. Anita watches after her ladies. This class teaches solid biblical truths and they are studied in depth. This class is mature in age and welcomes those women who are looking for a place to enjoy one another’s company. This class has seen the church transform over the years, and their faith and love is stronger for it. They encourage you to come to their class and get to know them!


We have couples’ Bible study groups to choose from and all meet in the 500 building at 9 AM.
The Bob Weseman Bible Study Group has our experienced members, some singles and couples,too. Their ages are anywhere from the 60’s to the 90’s. This class likes to go out and eat on Sundays, Wednesdays and sometimes they even show up for breakfast. If you like breaking bread together while learning more about God’s plan for you, this is the class for you. Room 505